Master Slider not recognizing slide duration - please help!


We are experiencing a problem with Master Slider Pro not recognizing the set slide duration. It seems that no matter what we do, the plugin will not recognize the specified duration for a YouTube embedded content slide. We need the software to recognize the length of the video so that it can automatically advance to the next slide when the video is over.

This is a high priority for our client, and we purchased the software under the pretense that this was a feature it offered, as this was a specific request from our client.

What’s happening is the slider is not advancing to the next slide at the end of the 440 sec duration. It just sort of freezes on the YouTube screen.

We are currently running Master Slider Pro v 2.29.0 (current as of today, 3/15/16) and WordPress v 4.4.2.

Thanks in advance for your help.


helllloooooooooo - is anybody out there? We have been waiting for 22 days for a response on a paid plugin. Our client is not happy with us. We were directed to this forum for support, and unsure how to resolve the issue we are experiencing.
Please help!