MaS theme pulled, replacement needed

I’m posing in the authors section because this relates to theme authors. I purchased a theme called “Make a Statement” (MaS) a few years ago and have it installed on two client sites. When I tried to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, it broke the site and I had to pay to have malware removed. I bought the theme specifically because it was designed for multi-lingual sites, and I need a replacement theme that will closely match the look and feel of MaS, because both clients are happy with it.

Hi there

First of all if you purchased the theme one time. That license is valid only for one domain :).

Secondly, if that theme is still for sale on ThemeForest, then you can download the latest version and install it on your domain. For any upgrade issues the author of the theme will give you assistance.


They removed the theme and don’t answer e-mails. I forgot to mention that part. I contacted a guy named Richard Girling at Envato who tried contacting them too, with no luck, then referred me here.

Ohh I understand now. So you are searching for a theme with the same layout or almost the same as MaS theme?

Do you have a live demo of that theme to see the design?

Please let me know

Yes, that’s correct.