marvel attack in theme and account suspended frequently

> ## wp-content/themes/sketch/header.php => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/header.php.925217704

this file attack virus and one other theme add “sketch” and i have industrial theme my account frequently suspended so please give solutions for this problem

###There are multiple causes to get malwares and viruses

  • Have you purchased the theme? Many themes are being copied and shared on warez/nulled sites. All these themes contains malwares and viruses.

  • Make sure to check if you have bad plugins(Plugins which are not from WordPress repository), there also can be malware scripts in plugins downloaded from the internet.

  • Open header.php file and see what is there. If you have the theme’s package you can compare the original header.php with your curent one.

  • If you have multiple websites in your hosting make sure to check and scan them aswell.


yes my theme paid from themeforest

I only see “sketch” as a free theme and not one on Themeforest?

What theme are you trying to use?

industrial theme
but sketch theme add automatic in wp-content in theme folder

The TF theme wouldn’t load a free theme so unjust have been added somehow?

The error is in the sketch theme so if you are not using that then I’d start by removing that and everything to do with it

yes i do same you say but frequently again add in wp-content and after same day (10 to 15) i see again my account suspended so please help me for solved this error

That (to me) sounds like either it’s no being removed fully or a hosing issue maybe but either way it does no sound like it’s anything to do with the TF theme. Are you using a decent hosting host?

I’d suggest speaking to your hosting provider as you need to work out how this is happening and that’s not something that people in the forum are going to be able to do remotely