Martfury + Dokan Responsiveness

Hello Friends,
A am initiating a big Woocommerce Multi-vendor Marketplace build n Dokan and using Martfury as a theme.

I hava an issue I would like you to help me with. My programmer is telling me Martfury is not responsive enough to fit the vendor dashbord items (Orders, products etc…) displayed on different deices without having to scroll left and right. Does Martfury have that limitation for real?

Thank you for your kind response.

Is that right? Please help.

There’s no public demo of the seller admin so you’d have to ask the author .

That said it seems unlikely unless there have been modifications made to it?

Hi @aimablek,

If you check the theme details page you will see the latest version is:
Version 2.5.8 is out – January 25 2021

and in the latest version they have made:
Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Compatible

So, the theme should work fine with Dokan but there can be minor responsive issue as the plugin come from a different author and the plugin has it’s own css and responsive rules. So, your programmer should do some css customization job to fix the conflict between theme and plugin responsive rules and it should not much job for a programmer.


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