Marseille Real Estate Responsive HTML5, How do I launch it? Which Wordpess is compatible?

Good evening,

I’m a tech novice and bought Marseille Real Estate Responsive HTML5 4 days ago to design my website on my Apple Mac, thinking that once downloaded I’d be up and running. Silly me!

It turns out I need to have WordPress installed, which I don’t. Can anyone out there recommend which WordPress to buy as so many are advertised and I have no idea which is compatible with Marseille Real Estate Responsive HTML5.


WordPress is not something you need to buy - it’s a CMS that you can download for free and install on your website domain/hosting. Once live you can use themes from ThemeForest to build your website.

Unfortunately is not a WP theme and will therefore not be usable with that CMS

These are WordPress real-estate themes that are available on Themeforest.

Thanks for your response. I’m a bit confused, so what exactly do I need to do to use Marseille Real Estate?

There are so many items, on that link. If possible I’d like a bit more guidance please as I don’t know what to buy. Thanks

  • Domain and hosting

  • Software to edit HTML code. You can use something like Brackets which is free

  • Software to edit images/assets you want to include e.g. Photoshop

  • FTP program like FileZilla to upload the website to your hosting

It’s worth noting - while TF items are all well-coded and commented - you will need to be able to edit code to modify HTML templates

These themes, you will be able to use with WordPress i.e. a CMS so you wouldn’t need to edit code.

To be fair, regardless of using HTML templates or WP themes, real-estate is always going to be a bit of a steep learning curb because it is never going to be a simple website. Although a CMS will be much much much easier.

Unfortunately no one can tell you which theme is right for your website, but all the items on that link will work with WP.

Wow! I had no idea setting up Marseille is that technical. I thought Marseille was like using Wix. Now I know I’m wrong. I’ll follow your instructions and
hope for the best.

  • Domain and hosting
    Can a domain from Go Daddy do the job?

It can but there have been people who have had issues with GoDaddy hosting here. Have a look at HostGator or Blue.

It’s not essential but easier if you get the domain and hosting in the same place.

To help manage your expectation…

Sites like Wix are specific platforms which serve a purpose well (hence the ongoing charges), whereas items for sale on envato are more typical/proper website files.

Even the best WordPress themes (and there are several) on envato will work like Wix does in terms of drag and drop, and a HTML template like you bought will only be editable by altering HTML code, so will have zero drag/drop type features. If you are not familair with HTML, CSS, etc. then you are going to struggle.

You don’t need the domain and hosting to try it out first

Charlie 4282

Good morning and thanks for your reply. It’s helped clarify a few issues and raised others. I will definitely get the domain and hosting in the same place as you advise.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning. What I’d like is a Website for my Real Estate Project that I can update myself. I thought by buying Marseille Real Estate Responsive HTML5 I was on the right track to getting something akin to WIX (which I have used with success on my other two web projects) but clearly, that is not the case.

It appears that HTML is NOT for me (due to my lack of familiarity) and that a WordPress Theme is better suited to my limited knowledge. So if I choose a WordPress Theme, what else do I have to have on my iMac to be able to put up a decent website?

Regards and thanks for your time and patience. It really is appreciated.

There’s quite a bit to consider but it’s critical to stress that websites or themes here are not the same as platforms like Wix.

It would take too long to explain the differences but there are some core considerations eg ownership, ongoing payments, technical restrictions etc. Ultimately sites like Wix serve a purpose well but no commercial website is likely to ever use it.

To use a WP theme from here all you need is your own domain and hosting with WP installed. (Most hosts have an auto install option for WP that makes it much easier and faster).

Because WP is a CMS (content management system) you can make most amends etc in then admin section of the site without any other software etc.

Most WP themes come with page builders etc to make it easy BUT to reiterate this is NOT like Wix, and is significantly more grown up.

If building a serious website was as easy as using Wix or could be done by anyone for $50 then there would be no need for web designers and developers!!

Any real estate site will be more complex irrelevant of how you build it, due to listings etc. If you want to do it properly then a WP theme is a great option BUT anyone new to this has to embrace the time and learning involved.


Thanks once again for demystifying and simplifying the approach I should take to get up and running. I’m an architect by training and well used to mustering latent energy to overcome perceived obstacles, whilst still recognising that I’m not Superman.

Thanks to you I have a clearer idea of what to do. So to recap; WordPress Theme, Install WP, Get domain and Hosting from the same place. I’m well up for the challenge of creating this website, especially having come so far and achieved zilch.

Last question; do HostGator or Blue have an auto-install option for WP? If so it looks like I’m on my way.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.

They should do.

Most big hosts have WP specific hosting but you don’t necessarily need this as it’s sometime a bit more expensive


Thanks Charlie4282. I’ll do my homework over this weekend and make a choice of WP Theme & Host/Domain. Hopefully, I’ll get it right. If…not I’ll try again.

Have a great weekend!