marketplace website that sells downloadable files - needed

Hi all,

I could use your help, and hope to find it here.

I need a marketplace website that sells downloadable files (not products that are shipped to customers).

Sellers pay to list each product and sell downloadable files.

Visitors purchase from seller a product that is actually an instruction file (PDF / power-point).

The files are downloaded immediately after purchase.

Preferably created in wordpress, and can be translated/written different languages

Like this page on Etsy

Any good recommendations?

Does this template offer a marketplace?

Thank you very much

If you search for “digital marketplace” then you will find several.

Otherwise there are plugins which can create this bit of course the marketplace themes are intended for that purpose and designed with that in mind.

Bear in mind also that If people need to subscribe or pay to “use the site” then you may we’ll need an extended license which is quite a bit more expensive

Thank you for responding so quickly.

What subscribers? I did not understand. The sellers who want to promote their products? Or the buyers who come to the site to buy?

My business model is to have the sellers pay a fee to list each product.

What is it and how do I get a license?

found them

You’d need to check with the author and/or envato support to be sure.

If sellers have to pay to sell then usually that would need an extended license, but imayne its avoidable with this type of specialist theme.

You can use one of my themes. Another will be ready soon as well :slight_smile:

Demo :

Demo :

You can use any Woocommerce template in Woocommerce you have option virtual items .