Marketing Tools on Item Pages?

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I have been looking at item pages of several AudioJungle authors and I am seeing several marketing tools in use. I have found several articles and forum posts about them but I cannot fully understand the proper operation of these tools. Could I request some information in these areas?

Here are my questions:

I am seeing “players” with “buy buttons” embedded in ITEM PAGES of authors. From what I can read in articles, these are available as “affiliate’” tools, but can you be an “affiliate” and embed your own players and “buy buttons” in your own item pages? Do I need to become an affiliate to insert such players on my pages (as links to my own tracks?)

How do you do this? Is it possible someone might provide a simple “step by step” explanation?

Also, I am seeing links to collections (including graphics thumbprints) again embedded within ITEM pages of authors.

I know there is a simple method of adding collection to your PROFILE page (Author page?) but I do not understand the approved method for adding links to collections on an ITEM page.

Also, I see the term “bookmarks” in various posts and articles (as a marketing tool) but I do not fully understand how these are accessed, created, or used.

So…if anyone is willing to explain this information in a simple “newbie” way it would be greatly appreciated:
Adding “players” and “buy buttons” item page or profile pages
Adding “collections” to item pages
Explaining the use and methods of “bookmarks” as used in AudoJungle marketing?

Again, on the author pages I have seen, these authors are linking to their own works and collections.

I have already seen links to the most easily-searchable articles and posts so, if possible, I am seeking to go a bit deeper and more specific as to the approved methods for adding bookmarks, players, buy buttons and collections within item pages. And also a bit better definition of how “bookmarks’ are being used as a marketing tool on AudioJungle.

Sincere thanks to anyone who might clarify!!!

All you need to do is two simple things: 1) Create a collection and add to it the item you want to display on your item description, and then 2) Go to your item, go to the Edit tab above the audio player, open up the “Update Description” section, you’ll find at the bottom of that section a drop-down menu that lets you select a collection of yours. Select the one you just created, click save changes and there you have it. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!

Thank-you so much for your help! Great. To add to my questions:

  1. Is there an approved method of adding an item link/thumbnail/buy button within an item page (i.e. a comedy item description contains an embedded buy button to another comedy item)? I have seen this on several author pages.

  2. Is there an approved way for an AudioJungle author to embed items/buy buttons and collection links OUTSIDE of AudioJungle? I know there is an affiliate program but I don’t understand if you need to be an affiliate to link to your own track on an outside site such as blog, etc.

Again, many thanks!

Hi! Try this method:
<a href="">![image](upload://32Fg0eDi8Nnk8CQ3hl44r78tYnx.jpg)
Images you must upload in picture hosting or Amazon Cloudfront… copy links and paste its in code (see top)
I think it must to help :slight_smile:

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And one more example here:

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

try this code and look what is happy :slight_smile:

I will try this!. You are the master. In both examples the jpeg is hosted elsewhere?

All .jpeg from you profile page and toy avatar pictures… and you can try extension for Google Chrome “Better Envato” - for easy editing any you pages… And thank you for coomment :slight_smile:
Yes all images you can hosted elsewhere //dropbox, postimage… Amazon cloudfront

The only way to embed a buy button with audio player in item pages (like this item) is the method I shared above. You can also add some HTML code to your item descriptions e.g. embed images with links to other items as @StudioEtude said.

This is not my field, but I think you’ll need to use the Envato API.
The affiliate program is pretty straightforward by the way. Just add ?ref=Starry_Music to the end of your item links and you’re ready to go! Or you can just use the generator over here.

where do I write these codes?