Marketing tools for authors

Hi Folks!

I have 2 ideas: authors personal affiliate system AND authors coupons system

  1. Personal affiliate system - I mean not Envato affiliate system, I mean functionality which will give each envato-author ability to attract more visitors on his products pages using his own referral system. I want to suggest Envato create classic shop affiliate functionality for authors product pages (separately for each product page OR to author portfolio page) - its really can help make more sales because site-owners will have money flow and author will have a lot more purchasing - such business is good for all, everybody makes money.

  2. Coupons - I mean classic coupons which author can create for his products and share them on coupon services for example, or on any another place by his logic. For example 50% Christmas coupons until 01.01.2017, or any another marketing events …

Of course in both variants remuneration pays by author from his own budget after Envato taken its fee …

I understand that this functionality is not simple and will take a lot of time - but why not to start to design it already today?!:wink:

Hi @realmag777 that seems a nice feature for CodeCanyon and for all Envato Marketplace!
I totally agree with you :slight_smile:

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