Market trends?

I have read many times in the feedbacks that the person whose template has been rejected is told that you do not understand the market trend. I have received this answer myself. But how do I really understand the market trend? Are there issues such as alignment, typography, color, distance, etc. or other factors? Perhaps a clear answer will help many. Including myself. Thank you very much if anyone clarifies this for me.
thank you.

Hello @Nexiss,
Please compare your product with the newest items approved in the marketplace then you itself reject your own item. I hope you will understand the market trends.

I can tell you a simple way to get accept is that your product should beat the newest product approved in the marketplace in terms of design.

Themeforest requires the design not your coding. if you fail in terms of design They will hard reject you. if you fail in the terms of coding they will soft reject you

I hope you will understand the marketplace :+1::+1::+1:

Kind Regards

What features should I compare?

There is no one size fits all answer. There can’t be in a marketplace of so many different products.

As a general rule of items abide by the below will be approved. Contrary to the forums - more often than not (of course not always) the reviewer is right.

  • originality. not ripping other items, not creating something that can be downloaded for free from Google, and that is not already available or a hundred times over on the marketplace.

  • best practice fundamentals. Such as delivering basic design principals, coding practice, embracing new and innovative approach

  • versatility. Offering value from an item that makes it worth paying for. This doesn’t mean overloading a minion features! It means offering something that is practically valuable and produced using suitably premium standards.

Market trends simply refers to the current best practice, standards and creative inspiration as they stand in the relevant indirect and marketplace today.

They key is that it is mix of industry behaviour BUT also marketplace activity.