March Marketing Campaign: FAQ's

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I prefer you guys to contact (Matt) which emailed us about the selected items.

I think he is the organizer / the point of contact for this campaign

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Hello @matthewcoxy! We have received the email called “We’ve had to remove your item from our March campaign.” But the items are still on the Envato campaign landing page right now. Could somebody help with it? Thanks

Hello, @matthewcoxy

Here, I have sent email 3 days ago in community marketing. but, No reply get yet. Here, I have again post my query here. Hope, will give reply by envato community Team.

Has been selected my 4 item in March marketing campaign.

How to find item of particular sub categories in March marketing campaign? if, I want to find only shopify or OpenCart theme from eCommerce category.

Here, have not available any sub categories for find particular item in March marketing campaign.
For example : Ecommerce > OpenCart, Ecommerce > Shopify, HTML > Admin, HTML > Retail, etc…

Here, Customer will not easily find item which want it. So, I think, will need to add sub-category there. otherwise add filter for find perfect item from this campaign. Hope, You are understand our query. and will any action for that soon.

I will waiting your thoughts.

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@matthewcoxy You should have specify a valid contact person that actually responds whenever campaigns are created.

It’s terrible enough that our item was selected and we planned the whole marketing around it - and ended up not being listed on the campaign page but having the price reduction anyways - without any prior notification. Upon emailing back, no response!

This mismanagement is outrageous to say the least.

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