March 1st Support Cutoff

Hey Guys,

Anyone else a little scared about this day? I think it would be good if Envato would outline their plans regarding what happens on this day. I’m really worried Envato will be stupid enough to send out an automated email to everyone who’s support has expired outlining that fact and how to purchase more support.

In my case that would be 35,000 people.

If 10% of people are annoyed by that I’ll have 3500 tickets to answer that day.

If 1% of people feel the need to leave a negative rating because of that I’ll get 350 1 star reviews in 1 day.

Envato: Please ensure this day is handled well, I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty scared.

Envato should introduce the possibility to extend the support today and not after March 1st.

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This needs some kind of response from Envato.

Envato, if your even reading this, we need to know whats going to happen here - Its a major issue!

Please take a moment from your USA shenanigans and provide assurance that your are not about to drop your authors into a massive pile of poop.

Ideally, we should have know this from day 1, but of course we all know you dont work like that, but with just a few weeks to go you really need to provide clarity about how your going to handle march 1st.

I personally suspect you wont do a think, which in itself isnt a bad thing - but if you decide to go atomic levels of stupid then you may thinks its a good idea to blast out a notice to everyone that they no longer have support, and thats the real worry.

Any kind of official response would be appreciated (its a shame your not upfront with this info, your a huge company, your power elite authors, or any other author, should not have to come here to the forum to try and find crucial info like this)

Cheers, Danny

I think majority of buyers wont even notice. Doubt they’re going to email everyone on expiry. That would be expensive.

The extra work load is going to be the modifications to all our custom support tools to handle the support expiry notice / link to purchase additional support. Once this is done and things like autoresponders can go out automatically it really wont be that much extra work for us.

Agree worried about ratings, but that will be getting an entire overhaul one day so I’m excited to see what they come up with.

Hopefully just brings in some extra cash :slight_smile:

I hope they dont do this, but hope isnt really ideal - we could all do with an official answer so we can stop guessing/hoping/praying/doing a special dance to appease the envato overlords and just know the facts.

Fingers crossed we get one

Is there any way of requesting a staff reply any more? Time is ticking away and we STILL dont know for sure how they are handling this.