Map based stock photography website

Seems to be plenty of themes and plugins out there for stock photography websites however I am looking for one with a particular feature being that image locations can be seen (on a google map) and searched for that location. Most sites seem to offer more of a keyword search rather than a location search. Would be good if images could be automatically mapped by their location in a photos metadata.

Guessing that is a no then, and I will have to go down the custom route.

I have some projects ready similar what you need. If you’re interested in custom work, feel free to drop me a message:

Thanks. Do you have any examples I can see?

Yes, I do have

Hi @tomwato. Not sure if this is exactly what you’re after, but this is a CodeCanyon item that takes EXIF geotagged photos and shows them on a Google map:

If you’re looking for a theme with that built in, you may need a custom job.

Cool. How can I see them?