Many domains : regular license and unlimited downloads


Sorry for my bad english.

I would like to install this Wordpress plugin on many sites (different domains) :

What about the regular license ? Is it one license per domain ?

If yes, and if I take your “Unlimited downloads” mensual offer, will I be able to download this plugin hundred of times for each domain ?

Thank you very much !

There is no multi site license - you need to buy a new license for each installation

Thank you for your reactivity. So, with the offer "Unlimited downloads” (by month), will I be able to download as many licenses as I want ?

Assuming that the item you want is available on elements (it’s not every item on the main marketplaces) then yes you can BUT you will need to be subscribed when using whatever you download

I don’t see that plugin on elements

Ok thank you, so I will not be able to downlad it many times with this offer. And for others who are listed, if I stop the subscription, they will stop working on my sites is that it?

It doesn’t look like it’s avalaible as part of elements

Items don’t stop working when you unsubscribe but you need to be subscribed when competing the build I.e. you cannot “stockpile” items for the future after your subscription ends

Also remember there’s no support or updates for elements items like there is with the main marketplaces

Very clear. Thank you again !