Many bugs and security errors on "MenorahOES" and no support

I bought Menorahoes Online Learning And Examination System
as it looked good on the first glimpse but after downloading it turned out to be a complete failure.
using legacy software and libraries that have reported vulnerabilities.,

Missing important features that I see mandatory and logical
here are few examples :

  • It sells courses but have no cart so you must buy single item per tx
  • Courses and courses quizzes and exams are different things so student needs to buy three times to get them
  • It generates certificates even if you failed :sweat_smile:

Contacted the customer support and even offered buying 3 more for some other colleagues of mine if he can fix it later with nothing as a result

He blamed me for not looking for bugs before buying and even said to me explicitly “if you are a developer you don’t you fix it yourself”

Actual reason behind me buying the script itself is the support and updates which he doesn’t provide ., so what should I do ??

The link to the item doesn’t seem to exist.

Regardless, in this case it sounds like you should get a refund. You can check the link below with info on how to do so.

Link fixed thanks for your support