Manual Theme: last update problems

Hi. 3 Consultation on template “Manual Theme”:

  1. In the last update, they solved a problem with the search of the home,
    but they incorporated another: the search by selecting “All site” does not bring results, as expected.
    In my case, 2 inputs Knowledge Base when looking in Knowledge Base Ok, but if look
    in All Site does not bring results.
  2. Related to the search, when no results are found, appears a page with a
    title “Search Result” and section content, text "Sorry !! found nothing related to
    your search topic, search please try again. "
    I can not find the option to translate these texts. How can I do it?
  3. In the last update, the template “News” does not work well (if in the previous version).
    Does not bring the results in the main area.

Thank you very much,