Manual Theme - Home button

In the MANUAL theme, is it possible to change the button that directs the home page to redirect to another page (in this case, the main site)?



Please go to wp-admin Settings => Reading and set your homepage as you like.

Hope this will help.


Thank you for reply @mgscoder !

Excuse me. I believe I have not clarified correctly: the page I want to redirect is a page external to the main site (which I am working on).

Do you understand?

I want the image i’ve uploaded to “” to redirect to another external site (“”).

Thank you again.


In your image you have assigned the logo part. In this case I would like to say the logo link by default will get the home/front page url. So, if you want to change the logo link then you have to customize the coding.

If you are talking about any button (text menu) then you can mange it from Appearance => Menus and create a Custom Url.

Otherwise contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author (you can use comments to post your query in theme comments page), theme author will be happy to assist you.


I feared that.
We have tried contact, but still unsuccessfully.

Anyway thank you again!