Mandatory code update policy

I’m a long time user of envato and I see a lot of old code, stopped updating and ignoring source code changes… Is there going to be a policy on this issue?

For Elements or Marketplace?
If it’s for Elements, I have doubts about it. For Marketplace, they have started already for CodeCanyon a while back, for ThemeForest, I’m not sure about it as well as the “compatibility” version is visible for the themes, for PHP scripts, I believe the PHP 7.4+ still available on most of the servers and 5.4+ coding works OK, so, probably not for a while…

Apart from that, from the author’s side, maintaining the items without any proper income from the same item, one of the main reason whey they stopped providing the “free updates”. Envato should change their “free life-time support policy” as well and they should require a proper payment for the buyers who needs to get the updates as well.

Would you be willing to pay extra for the updates, just curious?

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I would definitely spend money on the upgrades “IF” they worked for me. And I think everyone is the same, of course I will not discuss paying extra to edit as desired because this cost will be many times the cost of the original code. Instead I hope they will replace it by providing codes on a monthly/yearly basis instead of for life. Like how the 6-month support package works

We will see if Envato has any plans for the near future.