Managing hundreds of licenses from Themeforest?

So I’m building out a Wordpress multisite network right now and could potentially have hundreds or even thousands of sites on my network. I’d really really love to use the Jupiter Theme being sold on Themeforest. I’ve used it before and absolutely love it. That being said, it requires a new license on each site on my network. How could I reasonably manage those? Is there an auto renew feature maybe, to where I could bill my clients every year?

Once you have bought the theme it is for lifetime so the annual renewal is not necessary for the theme. Is it for your clients to use your network?

Are you suggesting Jupiter for each of your clients or just as your networks own site?

Again you don’t need to renew your individual theme purchase but if you are serious about buying even tens of copies of a single theme at a time then I would have thought envato could do something to make it easier than filling your cart up

Thanks, Charlie4282!

I would be suggesting Jupiter for my clients, in addition to my networks own site. I’d have a page where they could select their theme of choice. My plan was to download a handful of the Jupiter prebuilt themes. Once the client chooses, I would proceed to install and customize.

Would I still get the updates from Jupiter, even after the year? Or is the ‘renewal’ only applicable to the support through the theme provider?

Appreciate your response.


You would get updates etc included. the extension is only for ‘support’ beyond basic bug fixes and updates.

You would probably be wise to buy a new license/copy on a ‘when needed’ basis just so that you are always buying the most up to date version of the theme

Then I guess I could just activate the child themes and update the main theme like you said, on an as-needed basis. That might make the most sense.