Management System with search

Hi everyone, not sure what you would call it but I am looking for a script where I can add venues and individuals (lets call them members) to a database for the public to search.

I would like it so the public can also register and upload images and content, thus creating their own public profiles for people to read and click any social media links provided (like a mini bio).

I would also like it so it can be used as an app.

Would anyone know of such a script on CC? Thanks.

There are some ready made scripts but you won’t get same to same or as exactly per your requirements so you might have to get a custom made management system

First of all please try envato studio or if somehow you couldn’t find a custom made system which meets your requirements same to same then please drop me an email via my envato profile

Thank you for your kind input and time. Yes I did look for one, and found an excellent script, and contacted the creator. Very helpful and willing to do some custom work for me.