Manage Your Apps page missing info

I am trying to manage the Envator apps that have permissions, on the My Apps page. I see 3 apps have permissions that I can revoke, but nowhere does it say what these 3 apps are…as shown in attachment. What is wrong?

Just remove the access.

Will that affect the apps? (How do I know what I’m removing access to)


Eek! I reported this issue exactly one year ago. To say I’m disappointed that it still hasn’t been fixed, would be a complete understatement.

The only thing you could really do is open your developer tools (F12) to the network tab and look at the my-apps request. In the preview, you will see a “grants” key which might help.

They will be in the same order as the apps listed on the page itself. I know that’s a horrible solution, but unfortunately, that’s all we can do for now I guess.

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