Manage portfolio items and authors exclusivity

Hi there,
I wanted to ask a couple of things:

  • Is there any option to hide the items I currently have in my portfolio? I’m planning to relaunch them and I need to hide them in order to properly set them up. Once I finished each upgraded version, I would unhide them one by one. It would be like a “pause”. The idea is to hide them temporarily.

  • Also, currently, I’m an exclusive author. Is it possible to change to non-exclusive status, and later on in the future, for any reason, go back to the exclusive author status again? If I sell while beeing non-exclusive, will each sale keep increasing the commission rate scale “underground” and once I go back to the exclusive status (in case I could do it) the fee rate would be refreshed according to the number of sales?

  • Finally, is there any other place to ask for this kind of support from envato rather than using the forums?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, saludos

Hi, Qualt!

  1. You can delete the item permanently. You cannot just hide them and it is right - buyers does not like the constant loss of the item.

  2. You can change exclusivity status at any time. Please note: Once you change to ‘Non Exclusive’ you will need to wait 30 days until it takes effect

  3. Support Envato Team -