Manage Multiple Wordpress Websites

Is there anywhere some tool that i can manage multiple wordpress website from single dashboard.
I looked into infinitewp and managewp and all services that do the same but its becoming expensive for a long run.

How is this, that nobody still not build some management system that is open sourced or at least for sale here and not “update every year” and pay for “addons” every year or limitation for 5 sites and etc…

Any thoughts about it?

Hi. Is WP Multisite a kind of what you are looking for?

Not exactly a solution. I meant more like managing all sites no matter where they are hosted. Its really interesting that no one comes up with it till now

There’re already solutions for your needs but what you’re asking was a cheaper solution.
Good things come with a price
My personal idea, even someone would code similar, they wouldn’t sell it here as a plugin

Why not?
Wordpress is good thing and its free, so this argument Good things come with a price is not quit right
But i understand your point of view…

such a good idea, i will try my best to do it :slight_smile: bcs i was looking for a plugin idea :slight_smile: