Manage clients script

Hello ,

I am making websites (wp and html) for my clients and i am searching a cms / script / wp plugin to manage that clients , send invoices etc etc , something like whmcs .
Any suggestion ? Thanks

I don’t understand? You are make same 2 sites in HTML and WP?
You didn’t write any details what you want? I what name will send that invoice on what account will get that money , what payment gateway etc etc??


You can check here


You mean you want an admin type CMS or plugin etc to help manage and keep records of project info, billing etc?

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yes , something like whmcs but for web developers/freelancers.

I know of several people and agencies that use Basecamp. If there isn’t a native feature you need then it integrates with endless solutions.

Granted platforms like that require subscriptions but on the plus side it removes a huge amount of technical and especially data considerations

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I see ,
i think i will get the whmcs monthly subscription …thanks.

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