Malfunctioning envato studio!

I want to expose here my complaint about what happened with a project that commanded him in envato studio.
I contacted this gentleman (cWebConsultants) to make me a wordpress plugins, told me that a week would be, he spent more than a month to deliver me with many failures. He threatened that if he did not punctuate equally well on envato comments obliterate my comment. For fear of reprisals because this man had all the passwords I decided to leave my own good score, but the product that gave me does not work. I contacted several times with envato explaining the problem and never answered me. Honestly I think very peligoros order a envato studio work as everything is in favor of developers, do their job right or wrong 'is a disgrace !!, they robbed me $ 600 and nobody could help me.

It is sad that you had a terrible experience.

Try to ping them on twitter, that will help you to get a speedy response from Envato’s helpdesk team. Mention your ticket id

You can report this incidence to them and they will surely rectify this for you.

Have a good day!