Making your synthetic instrument sound like natural one. Is it real to achieve?)))

Usually, i follow the rule “to keep real instruments live-recorded and unnatural ones - synthesized” (i know, it doesn`t sound good…)



I mean, I can imagine how to do it with piano sound, but what about winds, for example? Or violin?
p.s. I`m not talking about things like “use better VSTi” because…you know…it cannot do your job.
p.p.s. Sorry for my english.
p.p.p.s.Вопрос к русскоязычным: нужно ли переводить мой бред?

Any opinions?

It’s absolutely real!)
Just use more velocity, automatisation and make some notes “not in grid” :slight_smile:

Than you!
However, i ment not only attack/microrythm. What about sustain? How can i make more natural and not that …flat?)

Real but hard to get. And yet there will be difference still. You have to be really good sound engineer to achieve this level.

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you can definitely achieve a realistic violin rendition with virtual instruments: it’s about picking the right patch for each articulation, making sure to have dynamic X-fade within your sustained/legato patches and enough round robin for staccato/spiccato repetitions.

I would like to invite you to check this tutorial:

Hope it helps :smiley:

Edit: almost forgotten, please have a look at VI Control, it’s a great community where you will find information about the art of creating MIDI mockups.

Thank you so much, guys!