Making works with the use of evanto and transferring rights to them to the client (who prints them)

Can I use the standard license and do artwork for a client? The customer has commissioned me to create a set of graphics in various categories. The client will then use my artwork in the wizard on their website and allow customers to use it to create printed gift cards.

I would like to use elements or whole files from evanto stock when creating artwork.

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Example graphic

made from

I’m not sure this is ok at all - ‘on demand’ use (which it will be once added to the wizard) is not allowed. License FAQ | GraphicRiver

Am I then responsible for the further fate of the created image files?

I make an agreement with a client to do a particular job - his later actions with my work won’t be controlled by me and he acquires property rights to the work given to him.

I ask for clear answer. I don’t want to break copyrights :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s not allowed. While you are allowed to create work for clients on a regular license, what the client can and can’t do with the content is still dictated by the license terms, and in your example, neither regular or extended licenses would allow for this.