Making portfolio's waiting to be approved after each edit in Juliet theme.

I have a problem I can’t seem to solve. Maybe its a feature that could be added?

I have a model agency site i am using the Juliet Theme with. When a new model registers with the site the administrator wants to approve the talent portfolio. This is happening now which is great.

However, I want the model to be able to edit their own portfolio later if they wish, to change the bio for instance. The problem is when i change the settings, the model either can’t change the portfolio at all, or they can change and publish immediately, with potential of adding contact details to the bio! I don’t want any of these, I want the model to be able to edit their portfolio and then it needs to be approved again by the administrator.

Is there a way of doing this?

Many thanks

I’d suggest asking the author first.

It may be simple to execute or there may be a technical reason It’s not then you will need to look to hire a freelancer to do it

Either way the author will be able to answer this best

If you’re looking for paid support, I can help yo on this.
Please, send me an email or contact me via Studio



I’ve already paid for support thank you.

Bear in mind that “support” and “customisation” (in the sense of what you pay on envato - not if you’ve hired a freelancer) are very different things.

Good luck

You have probably paid for support but as @charlie4282 said, you need customization and the support that you have for item doesn’t cover it. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you need!

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