Making popular music or music that you know best?



Hi guys, i was wondering is it better to try to fit in and make popular music like corporate, motivational etc. and be average in that field with serious competition or make less popular music like rock, hip-hop etc. that you know best and above all do best and try to be at the top? I’d like to hear your advice or experience.


Hello friend,
It’s hard to answer your question because a lot of authors here have the same question like you too.
I think you can do both. And see what happen. One track for the market and one track for yourself.


My experience is that if you produce something you are not really into, the result will reflect the lack of passion. You can end up with an OK track, but that’s far from enough to cut a nice slice on AJ. And even if you get it perfect one time, it’s only one track which is not even your best area of expertise. So it’ll be hard to repeat the success.
What I do is I try to spice up popular genres with the styles I’m familiar with. Someday this might cook the perfect secret sauce and spark up a new trend. Which would be 100% original and “natural” from me.


I make both. In general it doesn’t hurt to have some accepted tunes in all categories.


I think it’s better to do the music you know best. I made electronic music almost all the time, sometimes I made corporate but surely the results were not really good :stuck_out_tongue:


@LongXmusic yes definitely tough one :slight_smile: what was your first uploaded song or genre? @SixideBeats nicely said!:slight_smile: @Driving and where do you have more success? @FASSounds did you try some other genre besides corporate that is more close to electronic music you make?


I have as objective and focus to create songs for the world, the tracks have to be Universal, they have to fit in any kind of video for each modality … if you divide your music by reducing the space of projects that it can be Include, you will have few sales.


I have no best genre, my sales are spread quite evenly among everything. No best sellers, just steady stream of small sales around the whole portfolio. Then again this has lead to situation where all my months have stayed almost the same for two years. No big ups and downs, quite predicable. 70-100 sales each month.


The first uploading is my original track. It’s here.


Driving , You are a great seller
I’m following you on the profile now. :clap:


Luckily electronic music can be applied to many projects such as gaming video, sports, or fashion. I tried to make everything electronic from dubstep, hiphop, even house. But still no luck on corporate now :wink:


@WSO-MusicForMedia what music do you really feel? @Driving 70-100 p/month? Good job :+1: @LongXmusic nice smooth track, ambiental? @FASSounds yes, you can flert with a lot of genres but is there a need for corporate at all?


Hi, BlockBeatz! Happy New Year! You don’t need to make corporate to have good sales here. Also you don’t need to make all genres of music. That’s call Jack of all trades (master of none). Just look at SunchannelMusic. He is a master of Indie Rock. He has his own sound. And he has sales. Look at Cosmonkey. He makes best hip hop tracks in the “Jungle”. They have their NICHE! Finding niche is the best way to have success here in the long run! And when i say niche i don’t mean one genre. I mean YOUR client! Your niche can be “sport” - rock, electronica, epic hip hip etc. or “fashion” - funk, hip hop, pop. You need to identify your ideal client and than you will have repeat customers. So do what you do best and try to make niche for your self!


I make mostly jazz tracks but produce in other styles now and then for the variety. But its the jazz and jazz related tracks that sells the most. I think if you have an expertise in a specific style you should take advantage of that.


@CustomMelody Thanks for your concise reply, i will definitely consider that. Happy New year @Hyperprod Glad to hear that, thanks for advice


Mozart and all the greats (even today) work on commission and I didn’t hear lack of passion or lack of anything for that matter


You should definitely make the music that you know best, IMO. If you really want to challenge the popular genres you should be prepared and willing to commit long-time, so that eventually it WILL be the music you know best. The competition is fierce, and if your track is not sounding better than the current top sellers, I’m quite certain it will not sell more than a few licences.

I’ve uploaded hundreds of tracks in different genres, mostly niche ones, but now and then I try my luck in the popular categories. My experience is that the tracks that sounds best with regards to the competition in that genre are the ones that sell best overall.

There used to be more of a “free lunch” for new items titled with popular keywords, but as of the latest search engine tweak, all exposure is now given to items that already have a lot of sales.

Good luck :sunglasses:


@Stockwaves well said :wink: thanks!


Find a niche and exploit it, there are too many people making music for someone to become popular or successful by making music that sounds like everything else. It happens, but it’s not something that anyone should count on, IMO.