Making Plugins Required

Dear Bosses,
In my one page portfolio WP theme, I have three helper plugins required via TGMPA.

  1. Redux Framework. Theme’s core options are coming from this framework.
  2. Custom Posts Plugin. Most of the sections’ contents of this one page theme are populated from custom post types. With those custom post types I have made a custom post plugin. This custom post plugin will populate the contents of the sections. However, users can remove/add any of the sections using theme options.
  3. CMB2. As usual it will provide with custom fields.

Look!! As those plugins are required, users must install those in order for the theme to work.

And now my concern is that if it causes any issues in approval making those plugins required.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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You are allowed to use the plugins if you install them via TGMPA.

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Thanks @ThemeSLR.
Oh, yeah! I have made them required via TGMPA.