Making music without any real instruments?

Hey guys, What do you think about people’s work using sampled libraries only and those who make music without phrasing?. What about techno or electronic music?, why is it allowed in AJ? I’ve read their rules that state this type of work will easily be rejected but why in the other hand there is a lot of work in AJ created with such things. Really? I have no idea about this, could someone please explain something?.

Why is electronic music allowed on AJ? What a weird question…


When the rules states that samples are forbidden, they’re thinking of using samples of commercialy released music, not sample libraries.

Wow, guess I am a criminal for using sample libraries :rofl: I don’t have real instruments, but I make real music. Or at least I try :man_shrugging:


Hey call the police, I’m serious lol. I don’t call you or anyone a criminal for making music without real instruments though I’m doing the same thing anyway when it comes to “phrasing”, AJ says it is very important yet it is questionable when we tend to make some music patterns and loop them repeatedly.

Yeah i guess it is all about humanizing the instruments. Even we have expensive sample libraries like 8dio or so it may sound robotic if we don’t understand how to humanize each instruments.