Making mov video autoplay SmartCo


I have SmartCo theme active. I am trying to make a video play at the top of my home page. What I have done up to now:

  • Loaded the video to my media library on the wordpress site.
  • Added this code into a raw html block points to the correct location of the uploaded file. If I paste that in my browser address bar, the movie downloads. When I make a new html file on my local machine with the above code, the video plays, but when I run it inside my wordpress site, it doesn’t. It just shows the first frame of the video and doesn’t play.

I have changed the autoplay to controls, which then shows me the play button, clicking that works perfectly, but I can’t get the video to autoplay.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, how can I get the movie to auto-repeat constantly?

PS: I am very, very new to this theme and to Wordpress, so please type advice for a total beginner :wink:

Edited to add: I have now opened the site in IE and it auto played, but it doesn’t auto-play in Google Chrome.


Hi, if in one browser works, but in another one it doesn’t, most probably it’s a browser incompatibility with the javascript/jquery.

Posting a link to the live page where this happens, would help us to help you.

Is there any error displayed in the browser console?

Here is an explanation of how to turn on each browser’s console (see the accepted answer):


Thank you for your reply, Hevada. I copied the link of the web site to paste here and as I tested it again, the video played. It seems to not be playing in my development environment, which isn’t a problem. So in essence, you solved my problem.

I have also added the loop attribute after autoplay, so the video now plays continually.