Making/Launching an IOS Game? Like SUPERCELL / CLASH OF CLANS


I’m really fascinated by these guys who have just made “companies”, good ones, out of a game for IOS devices.

I was wondering, to start off something like this - I am sure they start off with say 2-3 guys max then obviously it grows. How do you look to start something like this, if I were to look for a freelancer to help me set up a game how much do you think I should be thinking in terms of investment?

One game and company that I love to follow are these guys -

They only have 2 games on the market but easily 2 of the most highest grossing. Obviously I don’t want to make something so in-depth to start but how do you think they started and then take it from there?

Just a discussion wanted to know people’s thoughts :slight_smile:


The story of SuperCell (and revenues) is astounding. However, the game didn’t impress me as much. There is hardly anything original about it. But it’s a good game, nonetheless.


uaesthetics, I’be been thinking about this quite a bit lately myself.
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