Making 200 to 300 monthly is it possible in 2020?

one thing is for sure, it will not be forever like that even if you reach that level, it will not be like that if you stop uploading new tracks and for many other marketing related subjects, certainly though you could even go to 2k per month if you create like 2 hits or even 1 super hit! good luck!

my friend, i think you are from Russia or Belarus or Ukraine…

  1. 200-300 USD is nothing even for our countries

  2. It was realistic in 2015-2016-2017 to make 200-300 and more. now it is way harder. My main account with around 600 tracks gives me 100-200 USD only, but ive worked on it 3 years.

So my advise for you0 now is the hardest time to enter. Too many rejects and too low sales…
Envato is getting worse and worse for authors


Come on, be serious! The income for medium account is between 30 and maximum 100, but not monthly! Maybe u can reach 100 only in 3 months! AJ was better on 2014 to 2017 for all users, but now only elite authors are selling better :slight_smile:
Is not worth it anymore let’s be honest, even if u work more and more, what can u earn? 20-30 extra monthly? neah

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when I had 7 songs here, I managed to earn more than 70$ in 3 months in a row (70$ each month) (at prices 2 times less than currently (I am doing an experiment so i double up prices for now), I agree that probably more items do not provide (linearly) more profit because last month I only had one sale, I was surprised because I added 5 songs and none brings me profit what is interesting and disturbing :sleepy:

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totally agree with you. Envato is getting worse. They are constantly trying to “improve” something, but in fact all these measures are playing against the authors. I started in April 2016, and i made around 250 and 350+ first months, then i worked harder and i could get up to 900-1000 USD from my accounts. Then, they only allowed 5 tracks in a row, then they blocked my upload for 3 months for “duplicating”… meaning that they want a 100 unique tracks… come on, you guys pay me 10 USD for a track, you may not even give a sale to this track, and why would you want it to be unique, when you either reject it or you give me no sales? Why would you want me to work for free…??? Now, out of my main 600 tracks account i get maybe 100-250 USD monthly, it depends on a month and how i upload the tracks… And now again, they revoked my upload rights for 1 months, because they claim the content is duplicated… Well, all the corporate inspirational and most of epic cinematic content is SIMILAR, why arent they blocking it the same way??? So… Envato is basically wants the authors to work for them, to produce the unique content, and it only gives 1-2 sales, maybe 0 sales… So pretty much, bringing us to the point of leaving Envato…

The measures taken seem to be unfair. And i talk to many authors- same thing there too. Less sales, less incomes… Wake up, Envato, you are pushing the people out…

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The more I read here the more discouraged I get. Did the people who just started out too late by now? Are there better platforms atm? I know one should not post any other names on the forums, I would be glad if someone PMs me better options.

I’ve been dreaming of getting started on AJ for over 2 years but I had to prepare and get my quality to meet the standards and now that I am finally active it’s a dead-end? Come on… ::slightly_frowning_face:

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Well if you get into elements that would be much better financially. Else theres other platforms, like MA, just google for royalty free unlimited music and you’ll find some marketplaces :smiley: I personally started seriously creating after effects templates just last year and at least for animation templates I have nothing to moan about moneywise, I’ve seen that for music some people earn less than some video templates authors it seems, but still if you upload your stuff to all the available platforms it could amount to some nice money as well I think.

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I’m not quite sure what are you trying to say here. That you upload the same tracks multiple times?

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@trinitymusicproducti is this the same track:

If it is the same track then this is not allowed and all the authors who adhere to the marketplace t&c are being disadvanged by this practice.

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Wait, that’s a same track that uploaded twice. Maybe that’s why Envato blocked the uploading right :frowning:

I matched the two tracks and they are indeed the same, sample per sample with no phasing on playback. Apart from the typical reverse intro where one has a HPF filter they are the same. Is it any wonder that this marketplace has stalled for some authors with this kind if tom-foolry going on. Is this an isolated incident or is this widespread - c’mon folks play fair and do not try to fool the rest of us authors, In The Jungle No-One Can Hear You Roar.

I re-read your posting that illustrates your frustration towards Envato but it annoys me that your behaviour in trying to game the system is in fact a contibutary factor to the decline of sales and saturating a market with content that is cheating sales to bona fide authors who stay within the rules.


Hello Gballx

yes, in fact this is the same track, my apologies. i already deleted it
‘Motivational Presentation Corporate Project 1’ was deleted from AudioJungle

But this happens from time to time when you work much, your eye is just ‘soaping’ or ‘bubbling’ and you can do it uncontiously. not willingly.

sometimes when you produce many tracks, lets say 5 tracks a day, you use the same notes, harmonies, chords, beats… not willingly, i dont see this a reason to stop uploading. Actually, Envato blocked the upload not because this exact tracks, but because other ones that i submitted. That were DIFFERENT.

In fact, they put “special circumstance” on just 1 track, and because of this they blocked the whole 5 tracks in a row (different tracks) and other accounts too, that had NO TRACKS AT ALL.

I try to understand why this happened however: uploaded - 22/1/19 uploaded - 2/3/19

A sizeable gap between the two. Hmmm - stange goings-on here methinks.

You are using quite complicated grammatical structures to explain things…

If you found 1 track that is duplicated, that’s fine, but that exact track was not the reason of blocking
If i go to anybody’s portfolio i will see there duplication, plagiary or things like that, this happens…

If you see the topic theme, you would see it is a little bit different. The newcomer is asking, are these 200-300-400 USD per months realistic now,
the answer is- it is way harder then it used to be…

Answering your “pins” Envato could find the duplicated item and delete it in a quiet way, not just block the whole upload for a month! That would be fair and professional.

my dear, i have 530+ tracks in there… actually you could take your time trying to find mistakes in my portfolio, that will save my time))

If to be serious. The authors come to make money. Many times i produce the unique track from scratch, the track is not accepted and rejected. Then i upload it to other stockmarkets, they accept it and it brings 30-50 bucks…

I cannot produce 1 track a week and receive 1 sale out of it… If Envato wants 100 percent unique content, let it give me more sales then… otherwise it is just not worth it.

whats wrong with these methlinked tracks? there is no tracks there anymore… what is the problem?

Buyers require audio that is useable in a wide variety of contexts. Unique audio that serves a wide purpose will be successful = more sales = more revenue. It is the responsibility of authors not Envato to provide interesting content. I do not do Corporate audio because I cannot - it’s too diffiult for me so I prefer to do the quirky, somewhat comedic stuff.

Let them (Envato Reviewers) Start this campaign against, say, some of the top authors… Because i talk to many many people here and they use the TEMPLATES as well, or redoing the old tracks, or using same harmonies and same melodies sometimes… why they are not blocking them? Correct, because of the “double standarts” and because they are considered “elite”… untouchables.

You deleted them prior to my reply which is cool.

no that’s because of the new tracks that are not in the items list…

anyways, yes, this is the same track, my bad, i already deleted it. Actually Envato could delete it itself…

What im trying to say is. Even if tomorrow i will start to create 100 percent genuine, unique tracks from scratch, 50 percent of my upload ENVATO will reject, and out of the other 50 percent tracks, i would just receive 50-100 dollars amonth out of my 530+ tracks account… Question is, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? SPENT TIME, HOURS NEAR THE COMPUTER, HEALTH AND ETC, SAKE OF 100-150 USD PER MONTH?