Make reviewing process stricter to avoid cheaper copies

With the new pricing, will videohive reviewers be stricter with copies of trending projects? That will allow at least a little to avoid the situation when an author that had worked on an original project gets all his sales stolen by cheap copies.
That will scare off all the good designers, for flat design orientated at least.

Actually, if that happens on a good level, then this change can even be better for the authors. But with a huge maybe.

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Agree. Currently it’s pretty hard to get AE template accepted, but as for copying top selling projects i think reviewers don’t care as much needed. Every month I see few very similar pack of 140 Flash FX project being accepted, for example, with the exactly the same idea and cartoon style.

"At the moment there are no plans to introduce new review policies but we are working on updating and publishing more comprehensive content requirements which we hope will make it more clear what is and is not acceptable.