Majority of VideoHive items using Trapcode Particular may no longer work?

I’ve been using After Effects with the Trapcode Suite for a long time. So, whenever I find a template that requires Trapcode Suite plugins (like Particular), it’s never an issue.

Sadly, the last 3 products I purchased which utilize Trapcode Particular simply do not work.

Here’s the pinch… Trapcode updated their software quite a bit with their most recent releases, significantly changing how the plugins work. To mitigate compatability issues, they included a built-in feature called “migrate settings.” If it detects you’re using a project/template that was made with the “old” version of Particular (for example) it will tell you to find each instance and press the “migrate settings” button. Sounds simple, right?

Well, unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work, at least not in my experience. The migrate button doesn’t respond in 50% of cases. You can click it over and over and nothing actually happens. And in the cases where it does work, you will get a box saying “migration successful” and then… nothing.

Of the three projects I have purchased in the past week that used Particular, regardless of whether or not I migrate the settings, they simply hang with the “thinking” animation below the project monitor and aren’t even able to load a single frame of the project and will not render.

It’s not a lack of horsepower, either. The machine I am using is a 20-core 10th Gen Intel i9, with 128GB RAM, and an RTX 3090 with 24GB VRAM. I have also tried opening these templates in AE 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, and get the same result.

“Simply roll back to a previous version of particular,” you might ask? Ah, but that’s where you can’t… not these days. Because most software providers have moved to a subscription model (Adobe and Maxon, the creators of Trapcode, included) and you are not able to roll back.

So, it looks like any customer who had to move on to the next versions of the Adobe Suite and Trapcode suite may, in fact, not be able to use the vast majority of the templates that use these plugins on VideoHive, because they were made in an older version of Particular, and will not migrate over to the new version.

Now, I know a lot of you have said in the past “Well, this doesn’t affect me! I wasn’t silly enough to delete my old versions of After Effects/Trapcode!” Which is fair. It’s very fair, and smart! But, for a lot of us who have had to update (either we work for a company that requires it, or we’ve had to reformat or buy a new PC) it looks like we may have a problem.

Has anybody else encountered the same issue?

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Wow, that is going to be unfortunate and a big headache for customers. In reality, I guess what did Trapcode/Maxon expect would happen when they changed the core of the plugin? :man_shrugging: They should have just made those updates a totally new plugin and called it Particular 2 or something. That’s going to be a mess for sure…

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I don’t use Particular in my templates, but this will be really a mess for all the authors who use it. I’m afraid that someday adobe updates the core of after effects and stops accepting CS6 files…This is will be a nightmare for all authors.


No problems this days, everything is cheap on envato elements - when customers can download lot’s of stuff for small money, if there is 10% not working, no problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile: