major problems with an author

I have purchased a theme from someone (i dont want to mention them yet), and the theme is for all intents and purposes a dead duck (by this i mean that the theme cannot be updated without killing the website and its support team are unwilling to sort out a known problem or provide the correct support).

What do i do?

I can see people in the comments saying that they are losing clients because of it and i feel like i am next unless i spend super money which will put me £100’s out of pocket converting it from beaver builder to elementor.

The author in question has a big following which means they are arrogant and unwilling to accept the responsibility in fixing the problem (also they now build only in elementor as opposed to them trying to sell their own flavour of beaver builder).

I had the problem with their theme between building the website and taking backups which meant i had to rebuild the website costing 30 hours to fix. now the client has changed points of contact and the new point of contact wants to do all sorts on the site which will no doubt mean i will have to update at some point and the website just keeps dying (i have to restore backups to get the site visible again.

Find a better theme.