Major issues with Welaunch Country Selector (support is not responding for over a week!)

Wordpress Country Selector (from Welaunch) - major issues with this plugin.
Welaunch (the developers) are not responding to support ticket updates for over a week…

The issue is that the Country Selector plugin believes that our /ca pages are visitors from Catalan and not Canada!!! So any visitor from Canada landing on our site receives the Welaunch country selector pop up explaining they are on the wrong pages and diverts them off our /ca urls. So - no one in Canada can place orders. WMPL and Woo are both monitoring this situation and both have clearly pointed the finger at the Welaunch plugin and its settings. We simply are not getting support from the developers though, not even a response for over a week!

We left a 1 star review on them a few minutes later we received a very rude response from their support agent asking why we left a 1 star review, and 30 seconds later a 1 star review on our business was left on Google. We know the review on us was from someone called Daniel on Google and the same image of the same person was of their support agent on other support forums.

We need to understand how to fix this issue which is clearly in the settings of their plugin… does anyone have any suggestions to how to get this issue resolved? Or, whether you know of another country selector plugin we can use?