Major issues with author [BurnhamBox] and Customer Support allowing removal of any negative feedback

Hi all,

Just wondering where people stand on this.

I made the mistake of using a theme by Burnhambox. I immediately found very significant (and basic) errors in functionality which I described in a comment, expecting the author to come out with a fix for all users.

Instead, the auhtor flagged it and had it removed, claiming I was requesting support. I wasn’t, so I left a new message, just with the feedback and an explanation that I did not require support. The author flagged it again.

I was then contacted by ‘Envato Author Support’ to tell me my account was temporarily suspended. The agent (Will Bishop) told me that “comment pages belong to the author who holds the power to flag and remove any they do not wish to have there”. He claims that the comment sections are only for pre/post-sale questions, whereas I had used them for feedback. I was amazed.

I pointed out that the T&C for comments state that they ARE used for feedback, that comments shouldn’t be flagged unless they are abusive, discriminatory etc, and that content wouldn’t be removed without ‘clear and undeniable evidence’ the guidelines had been violated… but Will Bishop has described a new set of T&C that I can’t find anywhere online.

So what is the comment section for? Are authors entitled to hide any comment they think is negative? Are the T&C and guidelines out of date?

Really not impressed with my first contact with Envato support who literally seem to be making up new terms as they go.

Thoughts please!


UPDATE: Just heard back from Will. The ‘T&C’ and guidelines on the website are just “guidance” for users, and he claims that Agents are entitled to disregard these and remove comments for any reason they like, even if they do not breach them. Incredible!!