Main Menu broken on mobile device

Hi Everyone,
I am using the Golf Club - Sports & Events WordPress Theme and I have changed it quiet a bit to suit our clubs needs. I am very new to WordPress having come from Zencart and I guess I have a lot to learn. My problem is that the main menu works ok on PC, laptop and tablet in landscape but is broken on mobile phone and tablet except in landscape. The menu does not drop down, as it should. I have used CSS Hero to change paddings and margins and I think this may have caused the problem. Can anyone help as this is a new website for my golf club and a freebee as I am obviously an armature :-). If someone with superior knowledge can please point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. I did disable the css.hero files and the menu worked but it caused problems elsewhere. Can anyone help find the error that is effecting the menu dropping down? I’d guess it is the padding changes in the css hero file which is causing it, as we cannot upload .css files I cant show the problem?
web address is
Many thanks

OK fixed, I was right it was a problem with the CSS file. Hunted out the little worm and squished him/her.