main category pictures not showing

hi there
i tried millions of times but on my main page category pictures not showing

pls hlpppp

Hi @sellbourne,

You can reach out to @UX-themes, the author of Flatsome theme, for support:


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i applied what they wrote on their help page.but nothing happens:(

From what I can tell your images are being served from non-secure version of the website, which is:
while the main website uses secure HTTPS protocol:

Most web browsers doesn’t like content being served that way (IE doesn’t seem to care though). You can try to use this plugin, it may help. Remember to clear your browser cache later on.


it is still same also i installed this plugin you mentioned.

I tried in iphone,it shows normal but another platforms the category pictures are crap!

I’m afraid there’s nothing more I can do. The only proper support can be provided by @UX-themes, the author of Flatsome theme. Are you sure you have done everthing they asked you to?