MailChimp Sending Limits from a Gmail Account

Hey Guys

Cant find any info on this, but does someone know what is the daily sending limits for emails when using MailChimp Free Account?

I know MailPoet has a limit of 250 per day.


MailChimp has a limit of 12k mails/month and 2000 subscribers on their free plan.

MailPoet has a 2000 subscriber limit with the free version. You Gmail account is not related but in case you like to send via Gmail you have a daily limit of 500

Thanks for the reply. But when I send using MailChimp - I use my gmail email as the sender. Does this not matter, or will that cause a 500 send limit?

Even you use that email MailChimp will send your mails (via their server).

You Gmail limit will not be affected but your MailChimp limit.

Great, makes sense. Thanks for letting me know! :))