mailchimp form 3101 doesn't work

I see that in the footer top is the mailchimp form: [mc4wp_form id=“3101”] which is not working properly.
When I go to mailchimp forms there is only one form: [mc4wp_form id=“3383”]. When I change the widget to display [mc4wp_form id=“3383”] there is no form on the site like on the screen. How to properly configure it ?

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Please check have you cinfigured mailchimp for you? have you set the api key for mailchimp? Please check also the exist form (id=“3383”) is there all necessary settings done properly?

Please check the Item documentation hopefully you will get necessary support.
Otherwise the best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Item Author. How to Contact Author and let them know.


When i configured the id form 3383 i lost the design of the widget newsletters. I set the api key for mailchimp

May be the id you set is not correct, please take the form shortcode from there (mailchimp form) not take only form id. Otherwise please Contact your purchased Item Author and let them know. Have you checked the documentation, may be you will get help there. Good Luck