Mailchimp Custom HTML not displaying background image in Outlook

I purchased a custom HTML newsletter template from Envato to use in our Mailchimp account. Everything works within the template except I can not get the header background image to display in Outlook365 behind the text. I have to assume it’s possible because I receive other newsletters from larger brands that do exactly what I’m trying to do. Any idea on what code I’m missing?

If it helps, here is the template that I purchased:[skytvbundle](


If you check the notes on the page for this HTML newsletter it states:


Outlook does’t support the background images.
Gmail App is not support responsive.
Gmail App for Android is not supported.
Information about device support responsive email this and this.
Images used on preview are not included.

Now whether or not that is the issue I cannot be sure, but you could check with the author for advice.


I am having an issue with my custom HTML Mailchimp template (link to external marketplace removed) not displaying the background image in Outlook. I have tried following all of the instructions on their website but it still doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  1. I have followed all of the instructions on their website to create a custom HTML Mailchimp template.
  2. The background image is displaying correctly in Chrome, Firefox and IE8, but not in Outlook.