Mail with instructions for student's subscription not coming in

Hey guys,
today I was trying to start my trial and subscription for envato with the student’s offer. It checked my mail, said it was successful, but the mail with further instructions doesn’t come in. I’ve tried twice to send it again and also tried it with a different browser. Nothing in the spam folder and nothing after waiting for 10-20 minutes. Now I’m not sure if that inbox has special filters made by my university to not even let external mails in, but I doubt that (as I can send mails from my standard mail address to my university address). Also the interface of the mail program is not quite beautiful or blessed with good user experience in my opinion (it uses “horde 5.2.23”, if that helps), so I’m not even able to tell if I can make any changes to filters or if I can see potentially blocked mails. Is there anything I can do about that?