Magpie horizontal scroll without NextGen Gallery

Hi, I have a problem and hope, somebody can help me. I have just bought the Magpie Theme for 95, which is sold as horizontal and clean and in the sample. I have bought it because of the very simple horizontal gallery with a simple scroll bar. And now I wanted to prepare the first gallery with NextGen Gallery, which as far as I see is the only gallery, included, and they don't have the scroll bar. You can get it, but you would have to buy NexGen PRO Gallery for at least another 99.
Does anybody know, how I can get that scroll bar without paying this additional amount?
I fear, the Magpie Theme is not, what they promise. :-(((


Your item author does not providing support in that reason you can try with them as a comments to your question

May be they can help you.

Or you can get in touch with WordPress Expert from Envato Studio
Hope they will help you to solved your issue.