Mageplaza theme porto modules incompatible with magento 2.4

After installing the version to porto theme ultimate for magento version 2.4 the following error appears
Warning: Declaration of Mageplaza \ LayeredNavigation \ Model \ Layer \ Filter \ Price :: _ renderRangeLabel ( fromPrice, toPrice) should be compatible with Magento \ CatalogSearch \ Model \ Layer \ Filter \ Price :: _ render
RangeLabel ( fromPrice, toPrice, $ isLast = false) in /var/www/html/portaldasmalas/app/code/Mageplaza/LayeredNavigation/Model/Layer/Filter/Price.php on line 272

Is this due to some incompatibility of the mageplaza modules coming with the theme?

You post on Graphic River forum. I have no idea what your issue is. Contact the theme author or post on Theme Forest section.

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