Magento2 vs Opencart3 - Product Filtration

Hi everyone,

I’m looking into build an e-commerce store on my own and I’ve been looking for the right platform to do so.
My aim would be eventually start with around 2000 products spread across several categories and introduce more over time.

I’ve narrowed down my options to either OpenCart 3 or Magento 2. There are many good templates for both of these but my primary concern is with the capability of these platforms. According to, if a store is going to offer large enough product catalog then there should a proper filtration mechanism for the customer to filter out exactly what he/she wants. For the little that I know about OpenCart, you can create Attribute Groups and associate them to product categories so that each Attribute in a Attribute Group can be assigned a value which is typically used by themes on the left sidebar section on the category’s page. This makes for a very solid filtration mechanism but is there anything similar to this available on Magento?

I know very little about both of these platforms and would like to have some guidance. I think, if Magento also offers a competitive filtration option then I might go for that.