Magento2 Theme Hard reject, any suggest for me?

This is the second time I upload Magento theme for themeforest, both are hard reject, hard reject has no any clue on how to improve the theme, so I got lost totally, I spend a lot of time for the theme, so I come here to get some suggests for the error of my theme.

Does hard reject mean they actually not start to review theme code, just they see demo url or theme description, and then reviewer think it is not high quality?

I use envatitor 1.5 to create my description and I have simple theme landing page, is the the issue the theme was rejected?

My theme landing page:

And theme page:

Any suggest is welcome, I hope I can get idea how far to go to reach themeforest’s standard.

Thanks in advanced.

It’s design issue - the quality of the design is not good enough.
I was looking for someone who could convert my themes into Magento 2, if you’re interested in partnership, please, do contact

Thanks, will contact you for partnership