Magento Enterprise Theme

Hi all

Is there any magento theme supported for enterprise edition available in here?

About 65% of the frontend files in Magento Community are different in Magento Enterprise. It’s not possible to develop a theme that works in both without essentially developing two independent products that look indiscernible.

Magento Enterprise projects tend to require unique design, so there really isn’t a large market for “visual” themes. A frontend framework like is probably more useful since it doesn’t prescribe the graphical properties of the project.

I am not looking for a theme that works in both. I only require for Magento Enterprise.

I guess I don’t have much option on enterprise theme to choose from.

My point was the market for Enterprise themes is a tiny fraction of Community themes. Since Enterprise is so different at the code-level you cannot take a Community theme and implement it on Enterprise without massive rewrites. At that point you’d be much better off starting a custom implementation on Enterprise.

Realistically, if you don’t have the budget to do a custom frontend with Enterprise then you should probably be using Community and applying the money you would save to extend it with the functionality you need.

I agree with GravityDept.