Magento Development Tutorial & Example Code

It was really hard to find any helpful tutorials on developing Magento Extensions, so I’ve decided to put together a basic tutorial and some example code for other developers.

This is what I will try to cover:

  • how to install a Magento extension from a zip file
  • basic file structure of an extension, and what the different xml files do
  • how to add menu buttons to the top “admin” area.
  • how to add menu buttons to the users “my account” area.
  • how to add user configurable options to the admin “settings” area.
  • how to add widgets to the sidebar of the front end shop.
  • basics of accessing mysql via the Magento api.
  • how to setup language files for translations.

For those who are interested in creating magento extensions, is there anything you would like me to include in a tutorial?

eta: end of Feb 2011.

Excellent - where will it be posted?

@dt … try to keep it to the point and precise, not too much unnecessary detail … because it becomes scary in terms of magento development … because i’ve seen the tutorial on their website and it has just too much detail! could scare off the best of developers :stuck_out_tongue: